Be warned against signing up with Australian Public Trustee and Guardian organisations

If you are thinking of saving a few dollars and signing with any Australian state’s Public Trustee to make a will or an enduring power of attorney, Don’t!

I have never come across a person with a good word to say about any of these organisations and my own experience was horrific. My father lies helpless with dementia in a nursing home, while the Public Trustee does what it will with his money and assets in total disregard of his best interests or those of his children. We are not even allowed to know anything about his financial affairs.

At best these government instrumentralities are vicious money raisers for their owners, albeit extremely incompetent. At worst, …. well we simply don’t want to go there!

So avoid these government instrumentalities at all costs and find your own lawyer to make wills and enduring powers of attorney or else do it yourself with cheap legal forms.

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Is the 24/7 life killing us?

We live in a 24/7 globalised world. When we should be sleeping or doing something else there are always messages from friends or business associates in other parts of the globe. All of this connectivity seems to have a dark side.

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Logical and sensible solution for Ukraine crisis

Forget all the sabre rattling of the loonies who run the planet. The solution is deceptively simple. Since the western part of the Ukraine want to join the EU they should be allowed to. The previous, pro-Russian president has lost all credibility in Kiev and the western part of the country. That is a reality.

What is also a reality is the fact that the Russian speaking part of the Ukraine, including the Crimea and the eastern part of the country, basically want to belong to Russia.

A division of the country, without any loss of rights or property ownership, is the way to go. Since a large part of Ukraine’s industrial and economic areas lie in the pro Russian areas it would be necessary for the leaders of Ukraine and Russia to sit down and work out a fair compensation deal. Russia and Ukraine would have to work out a fair division of that industrial wealth that would be transferred to Ukraine. That could be organised with big trade concessions to the Ukraine and a formula for sharing future economic output from the eastern regions that would henceforth belong to the Russian Federation.

Sure, it would require honesty, fair dealing and a lot of flexibility and work but that is a lot better than needless and stupid bloodshed and sabre rattling.

Is this likely to happen considering the morons who are the power brokers of the planet? Don’t hold your breath!

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Better Picture for cigarette packets

A Better Label for Cigarette packets

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey

These men are stealing your money and laughing all the way to the bank stealing your money and laughing all the way to the bank.

OK. Those cigarette packets showing graphics of smoking related diseases aren’t doing the trick in discouraging smoking. There is a much better label; one that shows the faces of the greedy, stupid and short-sighted politicians who are profiting from the outrageous and hypocritical taxes on smokers. It is not as if these creeps want any of us to live past working age, is it? In the case of Australia (the country with the most expensive tobacco products on earth) the faces of those of Tony Abbott, a miserable excuse for a Prime Minister and Joe Hockey, a likewise excuse for a treasurer. At one time Tony Abbott announced that the tax hike on smokers by the previous government was a tax grab! Likewise Joe Hockey said on television that another tax hike on smokers by the previous government was an unreasonable attack on a particular group of people.
Did the new government led by these creeps reverse these taxes? Not on your life. They kept them and are even increasing them further. Never mind the children without shoes and enough to eat. Never mind the fact that organised crime control 13% of the total tobacco market and that figure is increasing by the day. These same morons are destroying Australia’s environment as fast as they can, with no thought of the future tourist dollars they will lose. In the near future even the money markets will give these loonies the thumbs down.
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Radical Islam defies attempts at Multiculturalism

Although it is a basic human right that people can believe anything they like, and you can’t stop them from this anyway, it does seem that since the advent of radical Islam multicultural societies have been put at risk. Remember the time when almost all Muslims went about their lives as quietly as other folk? Probably not since most of us weren’t born then.

Genuine multiculturalism takes centuries to achieve and many Western countries in their “trendy” attempts to become multicultural overnight have created huge social problems. In most non-Muslim countries where people of a cultural Islamic identity have been welcomed, assimilation has totally failed. Regardless of how horrible conditions were in the Islamic countries they fled from, large numbers of Muslims (perhaps because of a feeling of religious and cultural alienation) have actively tried to change their new homes so that they would become the same as those same countries they fled from.

Obviously, this problem does not apply to indigenous persons of any country who happen to convert to Islam for whatever reason. Yet the problem of radical Islam continues to haunt the world. Why do so many young men from Islamic background pursue paths of terror rather than doing what youngsters normally do; i.e. rebel against authority and seek self gratification in “Sex, drugs and Rock n Roll”? While not defending hedonistic self gratification, compared to the philosophy of terror it does seem the lesser of two evils.

There is huge injustice all over this planet and it doesn’t take a genius to see it. Yet what inspires so many to pursue what could be described as a primitive religion, along with the Zionist extreme of Judaism and some varieties of fundamentalist Christianity? Fundamentalist Islam, Judaism and fundamentalist Christianity are all primitive by virtue of one salient fact. They require a massive oversimplification of the obvious empirical evidence of life for their followers. Far from being esoteric they are stupidly simplistic.

Multiculturalism requires an intrinsic broadness of mind that fundamentalist religions do their best to destroy. It is a pity that Western leaders do not realize this.

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“Winner take all” – the philosophy of the USA spreads around the globe.

Having recently returned from a trip that included parts of the U.S., including San Francisco and Las Vegas, I couldn’t helping thinking about the numbers of beggars that there were on the streets of such a rich country. In contrast there are a very, very few beggars in Cuba.

It would seem that the USA has enshrined “the winner take all” philosophy in its encouragement of the right for even the mega rich to become richer still while seeming all but totally unconcerned about those who fall through the cracks of society and end up on the streets.

This philosophy has in turn spread to many other countries, including China, India, Mexico, Vietnam and Australia.

One positive thing I noticed during my travels in the USA was the number of older workers. It seems that employers in the US are willing to take on older workers whereas in Australia the majority of employers have a strong prejudice against hiring older workers.

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Loony Right takes control of most of Australia

The loony right has taken taken control of the federal government and most of Australia’s states. It would seem that vulnerable members of our society are having their pensions cut off at random. The immediate dollar is king. In Queensland the state govt. has approved a massive coal port on the edge of the Barrier Reef with dredging dumpings to go onto the reef area itself. It doesn’t really matter does it? It is not as if the Barrier Reef earns any tourist dollars!

In Western Australia the authorities are killing any sharks over 3 metres long that they can lay their hands on. Never mind the fact that the oceans are severely lacking in sharks (the cleaners of the marine eco system).

I must apologise for a delay in my posts. I have been on holiday, including some time in Cuba. While in Trinidad I met an 89 year old man with one leg who fought in the Cuban revolution, alongside Che Guevera, and personally knew him.

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