Online Privacy – You need the best VPN

In the modern world you need security and privacy more than ever before. Governments can’t be trusted any more than companies. A VPN (virtual private network) hides your IP address with another one, which can be in a different country. This not only protects you from prying eyes it also enables you to shop online in a country which will not accept orders from that in which you are resident. You could buy from a store in the USA for example where the same product is cheaper than the same store in New Zealand. The best VPN is Cyber Ghost as it offers the most features and is very efficiently operated. Click on the link below and make your online life safer and easier.

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Australian democracy takes a nosedive

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey

It is now illegal for public servants to criticise the government on social media, even in a private capacity. As the “Oz” govt. attacks the poor and the weak, and the environment, in order to make the rich richer they are also destroying the economy. Their stupid decisions, such as the paid parental leave scheme, will cause a recession if not a depression. What were the voters thinking when they elected these morons?