Beyond Good and Evil

The essential problem of humanity is that basically we only care about ourselves and ours. What appears to be good for us, our families and our tribes we call good. What appears to be bad for the same we label as bad. Greed, stupidity and most of the ills that befall our world that are caused by our species come down to the simple fact that most of us are trapped in our own egos and identities. We fail to see the big picture; our individual selves are just little tiny cogs in a much bigger environment. We must think outside of this little selfish square.

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Writer and author. Published novel as eBook and print version. - Brownout - a story of life and doom - set in Philippines, Australia and USA. Also published a non fiction work about grief, "Waiting for a Miracle: Life in the Dead Zone" as an eBook and print version. Another non fiction work is, "From Brexit to Brazil via Hong Kong, China, Russia and the USA" available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc. This book is a collection of essays that deal with the most pressing issues of our time, including Covid-19 and its political and social ramifications.

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