Climate Change – a joke or a horrid tipping point:

Dustcover Brownout back 2012Tornadoes of any strength were very rarely experienced outside of tornado alley in the USA. Sure, there were odd whirly whirlys elsewhere and maybe a solid twister once every ten years outside of that chosen territory. However, last week we had 20 people killed by a tornado in Bangladesh and several serious injuries by another one in N.E. Victoria, Australia. The rational mind may suspect that human intervention on global warming etc has come too late and that we are approaching tipping point. Much as I would like to offer comfort and hope, I cannot without lying. No matter how bad things may seem now, worse is surely to come!

Greed + Stupidity = End

While the debate around climate change rages (amidst cyclones, droughts, hurricanes etc.) that is only one aspect of the forthcoming disaster. The global capitalistic order has allowed, even encouraged, the pillage of the earth in the name of profits. No taxes are paid by corporations (or a pathetic amount) for their collateral damage caused to populations, the environment, other species or the rapid depletion of finite resources, such as phosphorous, the major ingredient in many fertilisers and most of which comes from Africa.

There are some eminent scientists and economists who are arguing for rapid change in our economic, world structure. One suggested 2020 as a deadline. However, a person has to be naïve or excessively optimistic to imagine that the rich and greedy (or even the not-so-rich but greedy) will ever change their spots in time. It is no accident that this site has the name it does. I fear we all are facing a situation where the instruction in face of possible direct nuclear attack still applies. Bend over and kiss your arse goodbye. It will take the greatest miracle we have ever seen to avert the coming disaster. Don’t hold your breath too long. If you do you might expire before the apocalypse happens1