The new global food crisis

The one thing that has been overlooked in the debate about climate change is the impending food crisis. With floods or droughts now becoming the norm there is going to be a huge food shortage in the immediate future. Millions will probably die. Wars are more likely to be fought over water and food than oil.

Truth and trust

As the times march on, technology advances while everything else goes backward and people simply don’t know what to believe any more. Quite apart from the efforts of Wikileaks people know longer tend to be particularly credible about what their governments tell them. Truth is a vague concept and general trust is gone. In the past governments continually lied to their populace and got away with it. The lies were a negative thing but the general community trust was one important glue that held society’s fabric together. It has now gone and we are on are own.

The Effects of Poverty on Greed

Poverty has a relationship with greed. Those severely affected by poverty develop an attitude in the mind as a survival mechanism. This attitude causes them to “get all they can” and to store up as many material goods as possible as a bulwark against future needs. It particularly applies to money and wealth. What then happens if those people are lifted from poverty into a realm of relative material comfort?

The experience of poverty now encourages greed by entrenching these survival ideas in the psyche. However, these ideas are no longer useful but are instead harmful. When individuals amass much more wealth than they are likely to need they, by giving in to greed, are contributing to the poverty of others. This cycle is likely to repeat itself over and over. Thus the divide between the rich and the poor continues to grow exponentially. Only by following the example of people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and deliberately recycling excess wealth into charitable works can the poverty divide ever be overcome.