Dangerous Duo – Glory Boy and Captain “Strong”

Dangerous Duo – Glory Boy and Captain  “Strong”


Tony Abbott                                                                                     Campbell Newman

In this, the third part of our trilogy we shall look at the personas of Oz’s Prime Minister and Queensland’s Premier. Both the glory boy, Tony Abbott and Captain “Strong,” Campbell Newman are as thick as thieves in their respective positions as leaders of the looney Right. They are united in their horrid attacks on a fair society, the environment and common sense. They are also as one in their use of simplistic slogans that mask specious and stupid policies.

Firstly we shall look at the recent political career of Glory Boy. Even while Opposition leader Tony Abbott loved to front the cameras in active poses. He is a member of the Bush Fire Brigade and allegedly went to help during a bush fire crisis a couple of years ago. While he was posing for the cameras it was noticeable that his uniform was spotless and without any soot marks while those of the other fire fighters were black and bedraggled. One can make one’s own assumptions.

When the Malaysian flight MH 370 disappeared, some five months after he became PM, Glory Boy spent up to AUD 100 million of taxpayer money taking charge of the search and the lion’s share of the cost, although fewer than ten of the passengers were Australians. Nightly our glory boy appeared on television screens espousing confidence that the doomed plane would soon be found. After a significant amount of airtime of his beaming face and millions of dollars it has become obvious that this aircraft will not be found anytime soon, if ever.

He also used the shooting down of MH 17 as a golden opportunity to big note himself and his government. In all fairness however, there were more Australians on this flight and the recovery did manage to achieve results, under difficult conditions. The next image building opportunity the dangerous Abbott seized upon was a desperate willingness to send Australian troops to fight ISIS in Iraq. This was an open-ended commitment and Glory Boy made it well before either the USA or Iraq even asked for Oz’s assistance.

Disasters and wars seem to appeal to his self-image. In contrast the Oz government dragged its feet in the face of the Ebola crisis. The UN and other nations had to virtually shame it before any serious effort and expense was made to assist the fight against Ebola. Ebola simply isn’t sexy and image promoting. After supporting Abbott on doing virtually nothing for this fight in the beginning, the Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, had the temerity and hypocrisy at the UN to accuse other nations of not doing enough.

The last word on the first of the dangerous duo is best expressed by the short video of John Oliver, the American comedian. As well as being extremely humorous this video is right on the money.


Now it is time to turn our attention to the second member of the dangerous duo, Campbell Newman or Captain “Strong.” Apart from his arrogant and stupid attacks on the environment, the health system, state owned assets (that he wants to sell) penalty rates for weekend work that are needed by many lower paid workers just to survive, Captain “Strong,” in the lead up to his snap election, refused to discuss any of his vapid and stupid policies or questions related to his own integrity or lack thereof. Newman continually retreated behind his wall of slogans (there are only two – Strong Choices and a strong Queensland). “Strong choices” is a euphemism for selling off state assets as a short sighted attempt at reducing some debt while raising more to back his own horrible aims (the rail line to support the coal port and coal mine). A strong Queensland refers to the drastic reduction of civil rights and liberties supposedly to crack down on bikies and other criminal gangs. Statistics, however, show that any related crime figures had been consistently falling before Captain “Strong’s” government came to power and started introducing draconian measures without justification.

A strong Queensland presumably means strength, wealth and power for those greedy and corrupt entities that would destroy the environment, any semblance of a just society and the health system. Newman has continually and publicly picked fights with doctors, teachers and other professionals. Unable to back up his deluded and arrogant policies with any logic he and his “strong” cronies have simply resorted to bare faced lying and using their massive available money to run countless advertisements in the mass media aimed at tricking the unthinking and the abjectly stupid. He has also changed the electoral requirements and operation of the electoral system sufficiently to effectively disenfranchise many voters, myself included. His government somehow managed to work out the demographics of people likely to vote against it and did its absolute best to stop those people from voting. The polls have just closed in the Queensland election. All we can do now is wait and pray!


Cambell Newman’s honesty continually called into question.

John Spencer

Cambell Newman’s honesty continually called into question.


Campbell Newman’s list of enemies gets larger by the day. Recently, the prominent radio personality, Alan Jones has accused the QLD premier of direct lying and duplicity. Like his PM buddy, Tony Abbott, Campbell Newman is no stranger to the gross manipulation of the truth. Telling porkies seems to be an almost obligatory part of the political game. Of course, some politicians are more extreme in their addiction to lying than others.

Campbell Newman’s lack of commitment to honesty and ethical behaviour first surfaced in a major way more than three years ago when he was still Lord Mayor of Brisbane. There was a rezoning application before council that stood to directly benefit the family of Newman’s wife, as they had considerable land holdings in the area in question. If Campbell Newman was honest and ethical he would have simply declared a conflict of interest and personally abstained from the vote. Not too difficult a thing to do. However, Mr. Newman did NOT abstain from the vote. The land was rezoned and his wife’s family made millions. He excused his shoddy behaviour by saying that it was not his family that owned the land; it was his wife’s family and therefore that was all right!

Make up your own mind. Is this the kind of person you trust to lead the state? Do you really believe that he will help to create jobs, assist the poor and benefit the wider community or do you think he’ll trample all over us to benefit himself and his friends amongst the mega rich, while destroying the environment and our society?

– See more at: http://www.creativityandpower.com/cambell_newmans_honesty_continually_called_into_question./#sthash.EXjblaJF.dpuf

Brownout – 666 A sexy tale of the Philippines, USA, Australia and why the world doesn’t tick.

Brownout – 666 a current and sexy story about the Philippines and why the world doesn’t tick

       A  novel by J R Spencer 



Rick Daly, an ex-school teacher in his prime, is a tenth man, one of those individuals who, through no apparent fault of their own, attract trouble and the blind wrath of authority. While attempting to honestly make his mark in one of the toughest business schools on earth, he meets, possesses and loses the woman of his dreams at the same time as losing his freedom and almost his soul. His core values become inverted as he struggles for survival.

Rick is a man tormented by his own sexuality and failure to understand the wellsprings of existence. Marilyn, a young woman he meets on a ship and falls in love with, is also a conundrum of morals and desire. Her equally innocent understanding of the darker side of life, coupled with her staunch Catholicism and a vastly different cultural background, lead to heartbreak. Rick’s uncle, Christopher, is a God-fearing individual who doesn’t realise the blackness of the system he lives in until it is too late. Marilyn and Rick both learn that honesty is not what it seems and that love is a lot more complex than either believed. Alma, a precious teenager, Lina, a bargirl and Cecilia, a nurse who is briefly employed by Rick as a maid, all endeavour to destroy him for different reasons.

Against the surroundings of the failed coup against Cory Aquino in 1989 and its aftermath Rick attempts to set up a furniture manufacturing business in the Philippines. While he finds love and possible sexual fulfilment in the form of Marilyn society’s fingers intrude with devastating consequences. Falsely imprisoned on a rape charge Rick bribes his way out of gaol and flees back to Australia. In the U.S. his uncle and cousins clash with society and its powerful forms. Rick’s unjustified gaoling in the Philippines catches up with him in Sydney and again he languishes behind bars. He is deported to the U.S., his birthplace, only to be swamped by machinations contained in the murky backdrop to the September 11 attacks. Crime follows punishment and Rick joins the mob, marries a boss’s daughter and achieves material success.

In the maelstrom of social ill, political correctness gone mad and a world hell bent on self-destruction Rick Daly is up against powers that he cannot hope to defeat. Only by bending society’s rules can he beat it at its own game and become financially successful but does that mean he has really won? Marilyn finds a man who genuinely loves her at the same time as escaping stagnation in a provincial village that survives through prostitution and fishing. Both characters fight their surroundings and the wider world and even rage against that old enemy, Time. Yet in the end the only victory an individual can ever really achieve is one over the self.

Marilyn is left struggling in the dark while his environment mows down Christopher. However, Rick manages to escape both an unjust milieu and his own misunderstanding of life. He learns the real meaning behind the swastika and the balance between the soul and the world.

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Brownout is a story of sexuality, suspense, injustice and the grubby world of political power spread over two continents and three countries. the USA, Philippines and Australia. This book will appeal to those who are worried that the world as we know it is on a course to destruction as well as travellers of Asia.

This story includes many events that actually happened in real life and a number of characters based on real persons, although of course the names were changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.


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Newman government in QLD sacrifices road safety in pursuit of Revenue collection

For well over 18 months the Newman government has instructed the Queensland Police to book all motorists, without exception, for the most trivial and insignificant traffic offenses. No cautions or warnings were to be issued. This policy of putting revenue collection ahead of anything else is actually dangerous for road safety. The police have even been ordered to target public bus drivers. About half of the drivers at the bus company where I work as a casual have received tickets. I received one for not stopping at a red light. The yellow was very brief and I chose not to slam on the brakes for fear of causing passenger injury. Other drivers have had tickets issued under the same circumstances.

Needless to say the next time I was faced with a sudden red light in the bus I did slam on the brakes (I only had one passenger who was seated). The road was wet and the bus went into a short skid but an uneventful one, fortunately. This is just one example of the Newman government’s hunger for money trumping road safety. The km/hr tolerance over the speed limit was reduced from 10 kph to 3 or 4 kph. Since a driver cannot constantly stare at the speedo and look where he or she is going, the problem is obvious. It is impractical to suggest that buses continually drive 10 kph less than the speed limit as this would cause timetables to go into a complete tail spin.

For the sake of road safety as well as a host of other reasons Queensland voters should put the LNP last at the upcoming state election. 

Brownout – 666

Dustcover Brownout 2012

Brownout – 666 a current and sexy story about the Philippines and why the world doesn’t tick.
A story of political suspense, with crime and court elements, set against a background of romance and sexuality, in multicultural settings across several countries this novel attempts to find out why the world doesn’t tick so well. From steamy and graphic sex scenes to the highest political intrigue it searches the floundering of the human race.

Falsely accused of a sexual crime in the Philippines RICK DALY, an ex-school teacher loses the love of his life MARILYN, as well as his business. A clash of cultures as well as his own naïveté sees his life spiralling out of control. A prison escape amounts merely to a change of jails. In a world where political correctness has gone mad, reverse socialism forces many honest individuals to the wall, and a cynical disregard for values other than the dollar is decaying society from within, Rick almost loses his soul. Crime follows…

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Democray all too often means that uneducated idiots elect criminal fools

Campbell Newman

Tony AbbottThinking about the mainstream media (and the powerful mogals behind it such as Murdoch) I have come to the inescapable conclusion that the majority of people are unintelligent or uneducated enough to actually think for themselves. The media tell them something and they seem to automatically believe it. The lies that the powerful push into history are amazing. From (now) relatively past matters such as WW II) to the right way for the human race to proceed, it is simply beyond the pale that people could actually vote for criminal fools who are destroying the environment, the society and even the economy merely to further enrich themselves and their friends with money that they don’t need.

In the case of Oz -Australia- (the Wicked witch of the West is Tony Abbott and the Wicked witch of the East is Campbell Newman) the deceptions that money can buy and the ignorance of much of the electorate is overwhelming. It seems to be simply a case that there are too many unintelligent/uneducated voters for common sense to prevail. You may wonder why I can post these comments without being arrested or worse. I assure you if they could get away with it, that would happen. Their power within our national environment is simply not sufficient for them to do that, yet! Nonetheless they are working on increasing their power while trammelling all over democratic and free principles.

You may say that these criminal political leaders are clever. However, ultimately they can certainly be labelled foolish rather than wise. Sure, they will get more and more power and more and more wealth (to the detriment of the rest of us) but to what end? Do they really want to destroy the planet that they and their children live on?