Why most world leaders should be disqualified

The majority of the world’s leaders seem to be Type A personalities – big egos and real go getters, sometimes for others but mainly for themselves. Many of them border on the sociopathic. Of course, there are exceptions but the majority of world leaders do not seem to lead the inhabitants (humans and other species) in the right direction.

With the advances in genetics it might, in the future, be possible to identify these dangerous types and disqualify them from public office. Of course we do not want leaders who cannot achieve but we want their motivation to stem from somewhere outside their perception of their own good (power, wealth etc.). The elimination of unsuitable personality types would probably assist the common good, although there would be a downside in eliminating people before they start their quest for power. It could be seen as totally unreasonable and against “freedom” and “democracy” for whatever those concepts are worth.

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What works v. what is right

People almost always do what works rather than what is right. Charities continually target the generous while leaving the selfish alone. Likewise, we all tend to accommodate the wishes of demanding, aggressive people rather than those who are patient and kind. I suppose we do this to avoid trouble for ourselves but, nonetheless, it is rewarding the wrong type of behaviour and therefore further encouraging demanding and aggressive behaviour!

A House of Cards divided will always fall

A House of Cards, divided will always fall

Humanity is not only obviously divided, and always has been, but is innately working against its own survival and prosperity. On the one hand the more enlightened segments do all they can to save lives and reduce illness and disease. Technology, harnessed to such noble causes, contributes greatly to the goal. Of course, technology is also used to expedite destruction, death and misery. However, there is an essential philosophical problem connected with our species’ shepherding of itself along with other life forms.

Humanity takes only an atomistic approach to life and the problems besetting all creatures on the planet. Save lives here, save lives there and tinker around the edges of potential catastrophe. Resources and effort are expended on these piecemeal approaches and on the advance of technology, the great god of blind hope. Yet, almost no resources or effort are utilised in establishing a fair, just and workable plan for the planet and its inhabitants.

There is a paradox. There are simply too many humans on the planet for the survival, let alone the good, of all creatures. Nonetheless, we do all we can to save every human possible and extend human life further and further into (apparently) useless twilight years.

Surely, it is about time the world’s leaders not only realistically faced climate change, overpopulation, and the ever expanding gap between the rich and the poor but also pooled all available resources into preparing, and following, a sustainable, fair and just plan for the entire planet. It is high time that energy was directed into a holistic and philosophical approach for our entire planet! No, I don’t expect that this will happen. I am not an anarchist for nothing! Business will go on as usual leading to the twilight time of humanity and its ultimate extinction.

In a couple of weeks the G20 Summit will be held in Brisbane. If there was ever a time to make the most vital point that can ever be made, this is it!