Why Australia’s leaders are destroying their country

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey

In defiance of all logic the leaders of Oz are destroying the environment, ruining the economy and crippling the poor to further enrich the big end of town (gross capitalists). Why would they do this? Why would they damage their own country to help the greedy multinationals to make even more fortunes at the expense of the entire planet?

The answer is deceptively simple. “Legal corruption.” Unless they are so moronic as to believe their own lies, Tony Abbott and most prominent politicians surely must have something to gain out of apparent stupidity. They probably expect to be substantially rewarded once they have left politics.

Bob Hawke

Former PM Bob Hawke set the example on this process. After crying on TV over the Tienamin Square massacres Bob Hawke instantly granted permanent residence to 20,000 Chinese students who were then in Australia. With the family reunion laws this resulted in over 300,000 extra immigrants over a ten year period.

Strangely enough, after he left politics, Bob Hawke became a highly paid consultant for this same Chinese government that murdered its own people. Recently he attended an aboriginal event in the north of the nation and campaigned for the allowing of the dumping of Chinese nuclear waste in parts of those lands.
Perhaps there was even some truth to Clive Palmer’s recent tirade against the Chinese government.

The nasty thing about this type of “corruption” is that it is perfectly legal. After they have left politics and then hit the bonanza the recipients of these huge sinecures or handouts, cannot be charged with anything!

So what do Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and the rest of their gang expect to receive when they retire from politics, at the expense of the rest of us and the planet?

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Embarrassed to be an Australian because of Australia’s stupidly criminal federal government

In the last week the morons that rule Oz have reached a new low. Firstly, the minister for the non-environment, Greg Hunt, approved the world’s largest coal mine and coal port on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. This stupid proposal has the full support of the equally stupidly criminal Queensland state government. The approved development will see a dodgy Indian company with a bad track record implement the construction. 2000 temporary jobs will be created and those jobs will be filled by Indian workers on 457 visas as they will be paid less than Australian workers.

This environmental vandalism will put at risk the Barrier Reef tourist industry that supports 70,000 full time permanent jobs and generates a huge amount of tourist dollars.

Secondly, Immigration officers under the authority of the morons that rule Oz, confiscated the epilepsy medicine of a 3 year old girl, despite the fact that her parents possessed the correct documentation for the medicine. The girl and her parents were under detention for having committed the heinous crime of arriving illegally by boat. The girl’s health has been put at risk and I believe she already has had several seizures.

The morons that rule Oz were only elected because of the media circus about the previous government’s leadership. This media circus was vigorously promoted by the Murdoch press and their cohorts. It is small wonder that the present rulers of Oz wish to promote education only for the elite. If mass education had already gained a significant foothold here those morons would never have been elected. These morons relied on simple and simplistic slogans to appeal to the prejudice and stupidity of millions of voters. Mind you, it would appear that Oz’s current rulers would like to kill off democracy altogether.

They can probably get away with it because the residents of Oz will never perform mass civil disobedience in huge numbers for any length of time – that is, unless the government closed the pubs and all liquor outlets. Then we would see a revolution.

Criminal morons hell bent on destroying Australia.
Criminal morons hell bent on destroying Australia.