Nazi Economics

alfred rosenberg

In his “Myth of the Twentieth Century” Rosenberg stated the essence of Nazi economics. He declared that capital was nothing more than the value of stored labour. In short, the Nazis saw capital as the savings, put away for the future, of the fruits of labour, honestly earned. They did not approve of the capitalistic system of the present world, where the rich get richer (without work) and the poor get poorer (with more and more work). Despite the various crimes of the Third Reich their economic policy was second to none. They achieved a balance between capital and labour that, not only made sense but was also fair.
In terms of economic fairness and consideration for the environment the defeat of the Nazis has seen no improvement for mankind and the other creatures who inhabit this planet.

Lack of trust in authority spreads like a virus

For a number of years now people all over the globe, as they have more comprehensive and better access to information, have been losing all trust in authority. Politicians and the majority of leaders are seen, at best, as self-serving and, at worst, a downright evil and enemies. This result is largely because of the attitudes and behaviour of those leaders themselves.
However, there is an unfortunate consequence or spin off. Many people are so untrusting and cynical that they simply don’t believe the medical profession when it decries smoking as a major health hazard. Likewise, many people do not trust the scientists that say global warming is a serious and fairly immediate danger. When we know longer trust authorities we are simply left to our own devices to do the best we can. Many people are incapable of forming intelligent opinions and action plans without the assistance of trusted leaders.

Until politicians are generally more sincere and come clean about what they know and don’t know this mistrust will go on and on, along with its spinoffs.

Early demise for the elderly

Recently China announced that it was relaxing the one child policy. Despite the fact that this policy was an attempt at preventing critical overpopulation the Chinese government is relaxing it because they have already have too many old people in their society. With not enough young workers, who will pay to keep the elderly? You are probably right when you gasp, “No-one!” This would-be solution is obviously a very short term fix.

Climate change is a bad enough problem but at least it can be mentioned! The question of how to deal with the elderly is a problem that, around the world, politicians won’t touch. The reason is that, if they were honest, it would cause panic amongst the not-so-young.

My prediction is probably as correct as it is chilling. Within ten years or so, around the globe (short of a pandemic that reduces the world’s population by at least a third and particularly hits the elderly), euthanasia will go from being illegal to compulsory. The rich and powerful are not going to pay to keep the “dead wood” alive. First, those in nursing homes with dementia will be put down. If I had dementia I wouldn’t mind in any case. Secondly, the rest of the people in nursing homes will be removed. After that, quite possibly, retirees (other than the rich and powerful) will be swatted out of existence. After that, quite possibly, the long term unemployed will also be removed.

Much as I hope I am wrong I fear that, as a matter of logic (considering human stupidity and greed) I am completely right.

We could not reasonably or ethically prolong the lives of the elderly if that meant the deaths of millions of young children! I myself am no spring chicken but accept the fact that I will have to go before a young person, especially a young child! It’s a shame that world politicians have not the guts to raise the subject.

Australia – Doomed!

Most of Australia’s states are under the control of a loony right and with the election of the Abbott government to the federal sphere the icing is on the cake. Our new PM is a climate change denier. Where will he hide when the weather catches up with him?

This right wing is a self-interested and untalented right wing. They do not have far reaching visions of any value. All they stand for is assisting the rich to become richer and the poor, poorer. They mouth platitudes about helping big business to boost economies but let’s get real. As you are drowning in rising oceans and breathing your last breath where will big business and the rest of the arseholes be?

I have always said that Australia is the country that does the least with the most and it is becoming truer. Mr Abbott may well be able to stop the boats! He’ll do it by making Australia such a miserable place that refugees simply won’t want to come here!

Rudolph Hess murdered?



Recently, I spent a few days in Berlin studying some WW II history and its aftermath. For years, Rudolph Hess was imprisoned in Spandau and then, a few years ago, according to the official line, committed suicide. He is supposed to have made a noose from old electrical cable, put it over his head, and climbed onto a cupboard. From here he is supposed to have rolled himself off, thus ending his life. According to the observations of some who were entrusted with guarding him, his health and condition were far too frail to have allowed him to have performed such a feat.

Murder and cover ups are not exactly unknown to the powers who run this world, anymore than distortions of history are. It is hardly any wonder that conspiracy theories are amongst the mainstay of café conversations!