Lack of trust in authority spreads like a virus

For a number of years now people all over the globe, as they have more comprehensive and better access to information, have been losing all trust in authority. Politicians and the majority of leaders are seen, at best, as self-serving and, at worst, a downright evil and enemies. This result is largely because of the attitudes and behaviour of those leaders themselves.
However, there is an unfortunate consequence or spin off. Many people are so untrusting and cynical that they simply don’t believe the medical profession when it decries smoking as a major health hazard. Likewise, many people do not trust the scientists that say global warming is a serious and fairly immediate danger. When we know longer trust authorities we are simply left to our own devices to do the best we can. Many people are incapable of forming intelligent opinions and action plans without the assistance of trusted leaders.

Until politicians are generally more sincere and come clean about what they know and don’t know this mistrust will go on and on, along with its spinoffs.

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One thought on “Lack of trust in authority spreads like a virus”

  1. Unfortunately its not just politicians. People are skeptical because “authority” figures or “experts” in many areas are shown to have made incorrect or misleading statements over and over again only to have it challenged. Just look at the diet experts/ age loss experts/cancer cure experts.


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