“1984” is coming sooner than you thought

If anybody believes that they have the slightest privacy in this electronic age they are totally deluded. Some police forces have number plate detection cameras atop their cars that record every vehicle they pass such that everywhere that vehicle has been for years, and presumably that vehicle’s owner in most cases, can be extracted from a database.

Our smart phones enable enough data about our movements, history, life preferences and politics to be grabbed by governments and companies to fill volumes. Numbers of shopping centres round the world are dipping into data from such phones and sending it who knows where? Much of the data ends up in the USA where they maybe some constitutional protections for its own citizens but none for the rest of us.

If that isn’t enough our use of Facebook etc. gives governments even more information about ourselves to fill in any gaps in their knowledge. Doubtless, my views expressed in this blog have been collected somewhere by various government authorities. However, I am probably too insignificant for them to be bothered by them.

Edward Snowden’s revelations caused considerable protest against US spying by governments in Europe and elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, the Australian government along with both major political parties said nothing. It just hoped that the public would forget about it quickly.

Unfortunately, democracy is only as good as its Lowest Common Denominator. That translates as “democratic governments reflect the values and attitudes of the lowest level of their citizens where that lowest level boasts large numbers.”

It would seem certain that power brokers of our planet will destroy the environment and any semblence of a decent society at the same time as politically destroying the last vestiges of human freedom. In his vision of the future the only thing that George Orwell got wrong was the date!

Govts. round the world and the alienation of humanity



In recent years the majority of governments around the world (although there are exceptions, such as parts of western Europe) have largely been of the rich and powerful, by the rich and powerful and for the rich and powerful. The poor and the weak are just as unimportant as the environment. More and more individuals are becoming totally alienated. It is no wonder that there is so much terrorism and wanton destruction.

The principles of anarchism (not simple anarchy) come into play here. Humanity needs more positive controls (where controls are necessary) and fewer negative ones. An example of positive controls is where friends or relatives of an at-risk individual prevent him or her from committing a crime. This is a much superior outcome than having police arrest that individual after committing a crime.

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Bring young children from orphanages to nursing homes

If you have ever brought a young child to a nursing home you will have noticed how the faces of the residents light up with new life. It is a pity that no one has thought of bringing young children from orphanages to nursing homes. It would benefit the old folk as well as these children who often don’t receive enough affection and cuddles. Many of the residents of nursing homes could be stand in grandparents for the orphans.

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