Australian democracy takes a nosedive

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey

It is now illegal for public servants to criticise the government on social media, even in a private capacity. As the “Oz” govt. attacks the poor and the weak, and the environment, in order to make the rich richer they are also destroying the economy. Their stupid decisions, such as the paid parental leave scheme, will cause a recession if not a depression. What were the voters thinking when they elected these morons?

A great novel, sex, violence and serious themes besides

Falsely accused of a sexual crime in the Philippines Rick Daly loses the love of his life Marilyn, as well as his business. A clash of cultures as well as his own naïveté sees his life spiralling out of control. A prison escape amounts merely to a change of gaols. In a world where political correctness has gone mad, reverse socialism forces many honest individuals to the wall and a cynical disregard for values other than the dollar is decaying society from within, Rick almost loses his soul. Crime follows punishment and it is his success at drug and arms dealing that causes Rick to finally face his demons.

The accidental adventures of Rick Daly take the reader into a sea of cultural flashpoints that pointedly reflect on his or her values at the same time as exposing the huge cracks in the world’s current political and social order. In addition the vast numbers of expatriate Filipinos this novel may appeal to the millions who suspect that humanity is collectively heading along the primrose path.

Rick Daly must learn to succeed at love as well as business but he has chosen one hell of a proving field – the Philippines. While he finds and loses his ideal woman his few remaining relatives, who live in the U.S., are steamrollered by a collapsed superannuation fund and an avaricious bank. The Neo Con financial culture effectively murders his uncle. His fate draws Rick into contact with an ex Nazi and Islamic rebels in Mindanao. Imprisonment in the Philippines, Australia and finally the USA causes Rick to turn to crime. His very success at his latest endeavour results in a personal catharsis. Sex, money and power are not enough. Rick discovers necessary spiritual values and the real meaning of the swastika.

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