An ailing world

Those of us who live with elderly relatives who suffer from Alzeiheimers or other forms of dementia understand all too well that this is a living death: – it reminds of us of Jonathon Swift’s fourth book from Gulliver’s Travels – the story about the Struldbugs, who grew older and older but could never die. For those of us who are not too elderly yet there is some comfort. In this world of reverse socialism where money and power trump life there is no chance of us being put in nursing homes with dementia. In the not too distant future, it will be a case of “What is your name or your favourite colour?” “Urr, Urr, ….”. Bang!

For those of you who share a less-than-pretty but perhaps realistic view of the future I have published a novel about the decay of our species. It is titled, “Brownout,” and is available as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc. Alternatively, signed author copies of a paperback edition are available from my website;

The State of the World

It doesn’t take a genius to see that our species is inexorably headed for calamity. There are simply too many of us for the planet to cope with. Collectively, humanity doesn’t learn other than technologically. The same greed, selfishness and stupidity is as paramount as it has always been.

Climate change is obviously real. What with the risk of destruction by Nature, the risk of nuclear conflagration (whether started by terrorists or rogue states is immaterial) and the risk of pandemics it is more than likely that at least half of the current human population will die within the next ten to fifteen years.

Some very enthusiastic Christians talk about the “End of Days” and refer to the Book of Revelation of Saint John. Yet, it is simply a matter of logic that something will have to give, causing a massive catastrophe for our species. Since it is more than unlikely that the rich, the greedy and the powerful will change their spots we are all in for an interesting but most unpleasant ride!

My novel, Brownout – 666 and the real meaning of the swastika, explores these questions in some detail. It is available as an ebook from, and as well as a number of other electronic retailers.