Is Angela Merkel a Russian sleeper trying to wreck Europe?

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, came from East Germany before the unification. As Chancellor she was instrumental in allowing almost a million refugees to enter Europe (many undocumented). Many of those thus arriving were not genuine refugees from the war in Syria but simply economic opportunists. Unfortunately, a few terrorists were among their number.

Taking a step back, we look at Russia’s support of Bashir Al Assad, the president of Syria. Here is a man prepared to sacrifice countless lives, including those of women and children to maintain his grip on power. After sickening film of dead and dying children amongst the rubble of airstrikes Russia still supports this president devoid of all morality.

Perhaps Russia’s President Putin sees his chance at wrecking western Europe by furthering the misery in Syria. That way more and more refugees, accompanied by others, seek to arrive on European shores. This ludicrous situation could result in the collapse of the EU itself. This fact is borne out by the considerable chance that the UK will seek to exit from the EU in the coming referendum. Those with thinking minds most likely will realise that an exit from the EU by the UK will seriously undermine both the UK and the EU.

Such an outcome would probably please Vladimir Putin but would it also please Angela Merkel and if so, why? Is she indeed a Russian sleeper, a plant from the Eastern block who would work for them when she took power?