The Abbott led Australian government declares war on pensioners, as well as on the environment and education

Tony Abbott and Joe HockeyThe Abbott led Australian govt. has declared war on many vulnerable pensioners. Thousands of age pensioners (mainly men) live with foreign spouses in Asia and other third world locales. There they can live in reasonable comfort on the meagre govt. handout, whereas as in Australia they would probably being looking in garbage cans for something to eat.

Without any public announcement, the federal govt. has suddenly halved the age pensions of those Australians living abroad with a foreign spouse. I know of one case where a 72 year old man, who has a forty-something Thai wife, has had his pension halved. Not only does his wife not earn any money but he has to keep her and her relatives. Faced with the halving of the pension he has no other choice but to get divorced.

This scenario is likely to be repeated across many couples in Asia and beyond. It is obvious that the current Australian govt. only cares about one thing; money. It is also expects the poor and the vulnerable to provide it. It, and its partner in ‘crime’ the Newman led Queensland state govt. don’t give a fig about society or the environment. At present they want to establish a huge coal port on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef and dump the dredgings within the confines of the marine park!

Human existence is about three fundamental things; the environment, society and economy. The environment is of first importance as without it nothing will prosper or even survive. Society is next in importance as humans are social creatures and need to live in a reasonable world. Economy is also important but comes third. Unfortunately the world’s leaders seem to have reversed the order of importance of these three things.

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