Mary Jane Veloso still on death row in Indonesia

Mary Jane Veloso

Despite the obvious fact that Mary Jane Veloso was a victim of human trafficking she is still incarcerated on death row in an Indonesian jail. After the mysterious Christina and her husband presented themselves to Philippine Police the day before her scheduled execution Mary Jane was granted a stay. Her situation is still desperate considering the political nature of Indonesia’s execution policy.


While it may be tempting to think that Christina went to the police out of compassion for Mary Jane’s imminent fate it should also be noted that she claimed that she was receiving death threats and that is why she “turned herself in.” She is still denying all wrong doing on her own part but does admit that Mary Jane is innocent. Christina is making the most unlikely of stories as to how the heroin found its way into Mary Jane’s suitcase. This preposterous story involves some mysterious African men who somehow won Mary Jane’s trust sufficiently for them to be able to place the drugs in her case.

This has to be a fairy tale. Still, Mary Jane remains on death row and is a long way from release and repatriation to her home. It would be too much to hope for that she should be not only released but also granted a considerable financial sum in compensation for her unjust imprisonment and extreme emotional torture. In a civilised society she might well receive millions. In Indonesia she will be lucky if she actually escapes with her life.

Corruption has trumped Justice for a very long time in that country.