Australia – Doomed!

Most of Australia’s states are under the control of a loony right and with the election of the Abbott government to the federal sphere the icing is on the cake. Our new PM is a climate change denier. Where will he hide when the weather catches up with him?

This right wing is a self-interested and untalented right wing. They do not have far reaching visions of any value. All they stand for is assisting the rich to become richer and the poor, poorer. They mouth platitudes about helping big business to boost economies but let’s get real. As you are drowning in rising oceans and breathing your last breath where will big business and the rest of the arseholes be?

I have always said that Australia is the country that does the least with the most and it is becoming truer. Mr Abbott may well be able to stop the boats! He’ll do it by making Australia such a miserable place that refugees simply won’t want to come here!

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Writer and author. Published novel as eBook and print version. - Brownout - a story of life and doom - set in Philippines, Australia and USA. Also published a non fiction work about grief, "Waiting for a Miracle: Life in the Dead Zone" as an eBook and print version. Another non fiction work is, "From Brexit to Brazil via Hong Kong, China, Russia and the USA" available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc. This book is a collection of essays that deal with the most pressing issues of our time, including Covid-19 and its political and social ramifications.

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