Why most world leaders should be disqualified

The majority of the world’s leaders seem to be Type A personalities – big egos and real go getters, sometimes for others but mainly for themselves. Many of them border on the sociopathic. Of course, there are exceptions but the majority of world leaders do not seem to lead the inhabitants (humans and other species) in the right direction.

With the advances in genetics it might, in the future, be possible to identify these dangerous types and disqualify them from public office. Of course we do not want leaders who cannot achieve but we want their motivation to stem from somewhere outside their perception of their own good (power, wealth etc.). The elimination of unsuitable personality types would probably assist the common good, although there would be a downside in eliminating people before they start their quest for power. It could be seen as totally unreasonable and against “freedom” and “democracy” for whatever those concepts are worth.

– See more at: http://www.creativityandpower.com/why_most_world_leaders_should_be_disqualified/why_most_world_leaders_should_be_disqualified/#sthash.OmFgzabH.dpuf

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