Too stupid for democracy

The Abbott govt. in Australia is the worst one I have ever lived under in any OECD country. It is not only doing its best to destroy the environment and the economy it is not even helping the rich, its raison d’etre. It is helping nobody and nothing.

There are leaders in waiting hanging around in the wings. Julie Bishop the foreign minister is one. Although more intelligent and capable than Tony Abbott she is fundamentally dishonest. After supporting the govt.’s refusal to assist the global effort against ebola at home she had the audacity to suggest that countries do more with this crisis when speaking at the UN. Likewise, Malcolm Turnbull, another leader in waiting, defended the govt.’s blatant lies under a cloud of political waffle-speak. The entire front bench of this govt. are rotten to the core.

The fact that a large majority of Australian voters elected them proves that Australians, en masse, are too stupid for democracy. If this horrid fact applies to Australia, how many other countries does it apply to? With the entire world in crisis mode it is blindingly apparent that the vast majority of govts. on the planet, democratic or not, are not equal to the task of doing their best to promote environmental, social and economic wellbeing for their populations. I haven’t even mentioned the word “corruption.” Greed and stupidity will destroy the human race!

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Writer and author. Published novel as ebook. - Brownout - a story of life and doom - set in Philippines, Australia and USA.

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