“Winner take all” – the philosophy of the USA spreads around the globe.

Having recently returned from a trip that included parts of the U.S., including San Francisco and Las Vegas, I couldn’t helping thinking about the numbers of beggars that there were on the streets of such a rich country. In contrast there are a very, very few beggars in Cuba.

It would seem that the USA has enshrined “the winner take all” philosophy in its encouragement of the right for even the mega rich to become richer still while seeming all but totally unconcerned about those who fall through the cracks of society and end up on the streets.

This philosophy has in turn spread to many other countries, including China, India, Mexico, Vietnam and Australia.

One positive thing I noticed during my travels in the USA was the number of older workers. It seems that employers in the US are willing to take on older workers whereas in Australia the majority of employers have a strong prejudice against hiring older workers.

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