Radical Islam defies attempts at Multiculturalism

Although it is a basic human right that people can believe anything they like, and you can’t stop them from this anyway, it does seem that since the advent of radical Islam multicultural societies have been put at risk. Remember the time when almost all Muslims went about their lives as quietly as other folk? Probably not since most of us weren’t born then.

Genuine multiculturalism takes centuries to achieve and many Western countries in their “trendy” attempts to become multicultural overnight have created huge social problems. In most non-Muslim countries where people of a cultural Islamic identity have been welcomed, assimilation has totally failed. Regardless of how horrible conditions were in the Islamic countries they fled from, large numbers of Muslims (perhaps because of a feeling of religious and cultural alienation) have actively tried to change their new homes so that they would become the same as those same countries they fled from.

Obviously, this problem does not apply to indigenous persons of any country who happen to convert to Islam for whatever reason. Yet the problem of radical Islam continues to haunt the world. Why do so many young men from Islamic background pursue paths of terror rather than doing what youngsters normally do; i.e. rebel against authority and seek self gratification in “Sex, drugs and Rock n Roll”? While not defending hedonistic self gratification, compared to the philosophy of terror it does seem the lesser of two evils.

There is huge injustice all over this planet and it doesn’t take a genius to see it. Yet what inspires so many to pursue what could be described as a primitive religion, along with the Zionist extreme of Judaism and some varieties of fundamentalist Christianity? Fundamentalist Islam, Judaism and fundamentalist Christianity are all primitive by virtue of one salient fact. They require a massive oversimplification of the obvious empirical evidence of life for their followers. Far from being esoteric they are stupidly simplistic.

Multiculturalism requires an intrinsic broadness of mind that fundamentalist religions do their best to destroy. It is a pity that Western leaders do not realize this.

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