Better Picture for cigarette packets

A Better Label for Cigarette packets

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey

These men are stealing your money and laughing all the way to the bank stealing your money and laughing all the way to the bank.

OK. Those cigarette packets showing graphics of smoking related diseases aren’t doing the trick in discouraging smoking. There is a much better label; one that shows the faces of the greedy, stupid and short-sighted politicians who are profiting from the outrageous and hypocritical taxes on smokers. It is not as if these creeps want any of us to live past working age, is it? In the case of Australia (the country with the most expensive tobacco products on earth) the faces of those of Tony Abbott, a miserable excuse for a Prime Minister and Joe Hockey, a likewise excuse for a treasurer. At one time Tony Abbott announced that the tax hike on smokers by the previous government was a tax grab! Likewise Joe Hockey said on television that another tax hike on smokers by the previous government was an unreasonable attack on a particular group of people.
Did the new government led by these creeps reverse these taxes? Not on your life. They kept them and are even increasing them further. Never mind the children without shoes and enough to eat. Never mind the fact that organised crime control 13% of the total tobacco market and that figure is increasing by the day. These same morons are destroying Australia’s environment as fast as they can, with no thought of the future tourist dollars they will lose. In the near future even the money markets will give these loonies the thumbs down.
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