Logical and sensible solution for Ukraine crisis

Forget all the sabre rattling of the loonies who run the planet. The solution is deceptively simple. Since the western part of the Ukraine want to join the EU they should be allowed to. The previous, pro-Russian president has lost all credibility in Kiev and the western part of the country. That is a reality.

What is also a reality is the fact that the Russian speaking part of the Ukraine, including the Crimea and the eastern part of the country, basically want to belong to Russia.

A division of the country, without any loss of rights or property ownership, is the way to go. Since a large part of Ukraine’s industrial and economic areas lie in the pro Russian areas it would be necessary for the leaders of Ukraine and Russia to sit down and work out a fair compensation deal. Russia and Ukraine would have to work out a fair division of that industrial wealth that would be transferred to Ukraine. That could be organised with big trade concessions to the Ukraine and a formula for sharing future economic output from the eastern regions that would henceforth belong to the Russian Federation.

Sure, it would require honesty, fair dealing and a lot of flexibility and work but that is a lot better than needless and stupid bloodshed and sabre rattling.

Is this likely to happen considering the morons who are the power brokers of the planet? Don’t hold your breath!

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