Edward Snowden a hero in the fight against “1984”




As more information comes from Edward Snowden’s leaks of NSA documents it is apparent that he is the hero of the hour. It is blatantly obvious that there is little privacy in the modern world as it is but it seems that the USA and other powers will stop at nothing until they have a created a world with no freedom, no rights and no joy. They aim to create a world such as that portrayed in George Orwell’s novel, ‘1984.’ It would seem that Orwell was on the right track and only estimated the date wrongly. The coming world will much more resemble ‘1984’ than Aldous Huxley’s portrayed one in ‘Brave New World’ as in the latter one at least the populace were given drugs to keep them content. Our world wants to tax or remove any chemical help and leave control by terror.

Edward Snowden is leading the charge in the fight against this future, along with Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.

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