Why are most the world’s leaders, and their politician brethren self serving assholes?

The answer is deceptively simple. It is the individuals who have the biggest egos who rise to the top in any sphere. These are the people who think that their ideas and aims are intrinsically and automatically better than those of anybody else, regardless of simple merit. They also have aggressive and power hungry personalities. These are the people who will raise their voices at parties and other social gatherings in a discussion with others who oppose their opinions.

Not all of these people are corrupt by any means, but many of them are. Corruption is simple to achieve in third world countries by their leaders. It is still achievable by leaders of first world countries but requires more sophistication and skill on their part.

The people we really need to lead us are those with much smaller egos. Sadly, however, these people are the very ones who don’t want to lead. On occasions such people are pushed into leadership roles against their own volition. These leaders usually end up being acknowledged almost universally as statesmen. Strangely enough it is extremely difficult for me to think of examples. Obvious choices such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill all had terrible flaws which history would probably use as a disqualification. The only example of a leader I can really think of who deserves the title, Statesman, is the current Delhi Llama. However, he weilds very little actual power, apart from the spiritual. I also think perhaps that Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam deserves the title. He certainly served his nation without self-aggrandizement but, as modern Vietnam heads increasingly towards capitalism with increasing gaps between the rich and the poor, his legacy may not have been what he wished.

The Castros in Cuba certainly made a lot of beneficial changes for the populace in that country. However, I am not in a position to say if they personally took advantage of their power or not.

We anarchists are always suspicious of power and for good reason! I still idly dream of a world where the least power hungry individuals are the ones who have the most power. Only if that occurs will the future of humanity, and the other species who depend on us, improve. You guessed it. I am not holding my breath!

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