Turkey sits on its hands

One wonders what game Turkey is playing. The Turkish government has a once in a lifetime chance of building bridges with its Kurdish population and preventing the ISIS or ISIL capturing the town, Kobane, on its Syrian border. Turkish army units are already close by and could mount a decisive attack on ISIL. Yet the Turkish government does nothing. Instead of building bridges this inaction causes further divisions and trouble within Turkey. Once suspects that its somewhat Islamist government doesn’t want to intervene against a terrorist group that is also Sunni Muslim. Once again, we see sectarianism trumping the common good.

Of course, the geopolitics of gross capitalism have had a share of responsibility for the rise of ISIL but that doesn’t excuse that group from its gross inhumanity.

In Australia, the idiot Prime Minister, Tony Abbott is using this conflict as distraction therapy for the Australian population. He is hoping that they will forget about his attacks on the poor and vulnerable and that his policies are destroying the nation!