The Founding Fathers and the Second Amendment

george-washington-38      Andrew Jackson

George Washington                                                Andrew Jackson

When the founding fathers of the U.S. constitution framed the second amendment they certainly couldn’t possibly have even imagined the massacres of innocent people and children by lunatics with high powered, rapid fire weapons. Obviously they didn’t foresee heavily armed people massacring innocents, including children in their schools. So what could they have been thinking in instituting the second amendment, the right to bear arms.

In an age of flintlock muskets and pistols and with the Revolutionary war against the British fresh in their minds, the founding fathers wanted to be easily able to establish militia groups. That was most likely their immediate objective. Perhaps a longer term objective was to enable an armed citizenry to resist any attempts at the establishment of a dictatorship.

We currently see quite a few dictatorships in the world, and many quasi dictatorships such as those of the Russian Federation, Turkey and the People’s Republic of China. However, given the overarching power of most modern nations and their highly armed military forces the chances of an armed citizenry successfully resisting rotten governments are virtually zero. Military coups are quite a different matter.

It is more than obvious that the U.S.A. needs to either abolish the second amendment or drastically modify it. No amount of AR-15s and other assault rifles in the hands of civilians will be able to resist the US military. As we have seen, their only function is to enable ghastly massacre after ghastly massacre. Perhaps the National Rifle Association romantically envisages armed citizens defending the freedoms of the U.S.A. The grubby reality however is the needless and tragic number of deaths attributed to gun violence.


The Unspoken Truth and stark reality


In the pathetic land of Oz the Australian govt. handed down a cruel and stupid budget showing how little our leaders care about anything apart from their own egos. In Oz, the order of respect is as follows: some independents and the Greens are considered to be honest, the Labor party is so-so and the Liberals, with the exception of a few honest individuals, are as crooked as all get-out.

Despite all the broken promises and cruel stupidity the Abbott govt. hasn’t even touched on the biggest question of the future. It is simply going to be impossible to keep ever increasing numbers of very elderly people, the majority of whom have dementia, in nursing homes alive. Forgetting for the moment the miserable quality of their lives, there isn’t the money and resources, or the numbers of young people to act as nurses and carers, to sustain this ridiculous situation much longer. It costs more than twice as much to keep a person with dementia alive as it does to save a critically ill baby. Within six or seven years I predict that euthanasia will go from being illegal in most countries to compulsory for those who are no longer independent or vaguely productive.

It is quite obvious that Oz’s Prime Minister, despite once being a trainee Catholic priest, doesn’t have an ounce of depth or genuine spirituality, unlike the present Pope. However, it is also quite obvious that Abbott, or Budgie Smuggler as he is known, would never have the guts to tackle the question of euthanasia. It is likely that he will stand by the old dogma of the Roman Catholic Church that human life, must be preserved at all costs, even when that life is more akin to vegetable than human.

Nonetheless, more intelligent and logical leaders and forces in the world are probably already working on this problem. It goes without saying, that the world of the near future will make Hitler look like a boy scout. (In a way, albeit a cruel one, that leader did try to prevent some of the disasters that are now swamping the world). I strongly suspect that the global plan for dealing with the problem of the elderly will follow these steps; firstly euthanase  all residents of nursing homes with dementia, secondly get rid of the rest of the residents of nursing homes, thirdly remove all retirees apart from the wealthy and powerful (Gina Rhinehardt will be safe) and lastly the extermination of the long term unemployed.

It is already possible that certain scientists around the world are attempting to develop and produce viruses that will only target the elderly. The Abbott led govt. in Australia will merely make it too expensive for the elderly to receive any medical attention.

The future is scary and horrible but I fear, short of a natural pandemic that wipes out more than half of mankind, it cannot be avoided.



Lack of Truth in the world leads to total mistrust.

In times past, world leaders gaily looked after themselves and their cohorts with a blissfully ignorant public. Now, scepticism has become the norm rather than the exception. Throughout human society it has become painfully obvious that deception and dishonesty are so rife that it is difficult for anyone to trust anything. Even once sacred objects such as religious leaders and the medical profession are now open to disbelief and mistrust. Where do where turn other than to rely on our own view of the world and resources?