The Singularity

Professor Vernor Vinge

The Singularity.

In Australia recently, a lot of professionals have objected to the federal government’s proposal to cap tax deductible self-education expenses at a maximum of $2000. Doctors, nurses, teachers and many other professionals claim that they have to spend much more than this to keep up with the latest developments in their fields.

It is undoubtedly true that the task of keeping up with constant changes is becoming more and more demanding as well as expensive. The rate of change in the modern world is increasing exponentially. Just to be able to cope with our work and our lives in general we have to learn more and more.

Given the exponential rate of change the human race is going to reach a point where we are simply unable to learn and remember the amount of information that we will need to in order to survive. Professor Vernor Vinge coined the phrase, “the singularity.” The singularity is that point when the rate of change against the time axis goes off the chart. There is simply no way of stopping or slowing down this exponential rate of change. Perhaps the only solution will lie in humans becoming androids, with powerful computer chips embedded in their brains. 

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