Don’t Blame BarracK Obama

Large numbers of people in the US are blaming Obama for the state of the US and the world and are threatening to vote for the Republicans and their extremist members. Barrack Obama did not create the world he inherited in 2008. He is only a man and could not perform miracles. Furthermore, as President, he is bound by the ultimate power structure of the USA. He cannot single-handedly make the USA and the world a fairer and more transparent place, Even if he wanted to, he could not pardon Bradley Manning and stop gunning for Julian Assange.

The US establishment is multi-faceted and wields much more power than the president. Yet, the ignorant mob that form the majority of voters in most countries are threatening to elect a president and government that will finally commit the US and much of the world to the primrose path of destruction. The Republicans and the Tea Party would see everything collapse through their ignorance.