Environment, Society and Economy

As political players around the world try to recover from the GFC one wonders what the ultimate objectives are. Austerity seems to create as many problems as it solves, spending other people’s money to spur the economy does likewise and in the meantime we can see our environment crapping out at a rate of knots.

Using common sense we can see that there has to be an intelligent balance between environment, social justice and economy. Protecting the environment has to come first, both for ourselves and the other creatures on the planet. If we have any pretence at all of a reasonable social order then social justice and a sustainable, as fair as possible, society must be a priority. That leaves economy. If we mean by economy that you can’t spend wealth that has not been created that is a correct assumption (although many governments love to spend money that they hope to raise in the future from taxes on a probably impoverished generation). On the other hand, if economy means a robust capitalistic system that enables the rich to get richer, then we should simply forget about that particular parameter.