Healthy attitudes to sex go a long way towards a healthy society!

So many human social problems have their origins in sexual matters.

Mental illness is an ever expanding scourge of human society and much mental illness stems from sexual problems. Quite often, the problems a person has in relating to others originate from sexual issues. Without a secure, non-threatening childhood and a reasonably smooth passage through the teenage years a person can find him or herself confused and angry, although this state may not be entirely on a conscious level. The consequences of such a state can manifest themselves as a “bomb waiting to explode.” It is small wonder then that viciously violent crazies such as those who seem to make up the Islamic State gang have enshrined sexual crimes into their operational program. Female prisoners from conquered areas are, all too often, forced into sexual slavery.

Without appeals to sexual opportunity, despite supporting a religion that has very strict views about relations between the sexes, how would ISIS, ISIL etc. attract so many Jihardis to their cause?

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  • Regardless of sexual mores promoted by various religions or even by total libertinism a society must establish clear ideas of appropriate family relationships and a lucid understanding of appropriate sexual and non-sexual relations. While not denying the existence of physical sexual desire a healthy society promotes respect for the rights of all individuals and discourages the view that men or women can be ONLY sex objects. This respect and understanding is fundamental to healthy relationships. I am not denying the role of (voluntary prostitution) in handling various overwhelming physical needs outside of a normal relationship. Yet it is vital for each of the sexes to view their counterparts of the opposite sex as people with thoughts, ideas and feelings.

girls in bikinisimagesG1348AVY

What do the male (the vast majority) of Jihardis see when they imagine women? Do they see their own women dressed in burkas as the epitome of the fair sex or do they fantasise about scantily clad women as objects of desire? It is easy to see that this dichotomy is not likely to promote healthy human relationships.


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A balanced, fair and reasonable view about sex is vital for healthy human societies. Mass education on these points will reduce instances of paedophilia, incest and child sexual abuse. Sexuality gone wrong is one of the greatest causes of human suffering known. Sometimes it takes years to emerge and bursts forth in the strangest of ways.

When considering matters religious and political it is absolutely vital that whatever creed a person follows promotes healthy attitudes towards sex. Without sex a species quickly dies. With inappropriate or disturbed sex the seeds of a society’s destruction are quickly sown. Globalisation means that the evils of one locale rapidly spread to another

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