I have lived in Asia for a number of years and in Australia for many more. I have visited the USA and Britain a number of times and have a well-travelled eye for what is happening in our world. As a teacher, taxi and bus driver I have spent years in learning what makes people tick. I am a keen historian and political analyst. John Spencer

One thought on “About”

  1. Brownout, the title of my book displays a decaying world. There is no denying that. However, it is very difficult to display any great optimism about the future. Human population is increasing yet our ability to efficiently and fairly to live with each other is not. The vast majority of the rich and the powerful continue with their selfish pursuits, totally in denial about the endy results of their activities. It is a serious question if humanity has left the challenge of Climate change to the point of being too late. The way things are going it is a certainty that Nature will remove the vast majority of us from the planet. Those of us with some semblance of intelligence and decency will continue to fight the good fight but that doesn’t mean that we believe we will win.


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