Retired politicians and top public servants get huge payouts and pensions

Tony AbbottCampbell Newman

Retired Politicians and top public servants get huge payouts and pensions while ordinary people struggle to survive.

It is a little known fact that retired politicians and top public servants around the world generally get huge payouts and pensions. Nowhere more so is that evident than in the land of Oz (Australia) where the salary of the Prime Minister (useless climate change denier and friend of the mega rich that our current one is) is greater than that of the president of the United States. One feels sick thinking of the pension that this cretin will get when he retires, after having done his best to destroy the environment, society and economy of our country.

Why do these people want to destroy the earth that their descendants will have to live on just to make more and more money and achieve more and more power? The whole situation just beggars belief. Unfortunately, these arseholes effectively control the mainstream media and many people are stupid enough to believe their lies! It remains to be seen if the more democratic social media and Internet are sufficient to counter them.

On January 31, Queensland, arguably the most corrupt and backward state in Oz, is having a state election (called while many people are away on holidays). The premier, Campbell Newman, not only suffers from questionable honesty but is also a close fellow traveller of Tony Abbott.

If Queensland voters are smart enough to turn him out, hopefully along with his entire government, after only one term, his already fat pension will not be as huge as it might otherwise be.

When we hear all these statements about debt and belt tightening we know that only the poor and middle classes will have to pay. The truth be known, a revision of ridiculous payouts to retired politicians and a temporary wealth tax on the nation’s most wealthy would be enough to wipe out the entire national debt in one fell swoop.

The criminals who run this country, along with many others, will not stop until after huge numbers of people are dying in the streets and Australia is linked with various African nations as truly, truly third world!
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