Brexit Lunacy in the UK still in Play

Brexit Lunacy in the UK still in Play


Global economic markets have recovered, at least temporarily, from the shock of Donald Trump’s election victory. However, the Brexit madness in the UK is still in play. The British High Court offered some sanity by ruling that any triggering of Article 50 (to formally leave the EU) must be voted on by Parliament after debate and not just left to the PM, Theresa May.
Theresa May has appealed to the Supreme Court to overturn this ruling. However, it is quite likely that the Supreme Court will uphold the ruling of the High Court and the final decision will be left to the parliament.
In this case it would be wise for each MP to poll the opinions of his or her electorate. If the majority of voters in an electorate wish to remain in the EU then that MP should vote accordingly and likewise if the majority of voters in an electorate wish to leave then that MP should vote for the triggering of the article 50 and the leaving of the EU. In this way, voters who had initially supported the Brexit but now have changed their minds get a second chance.
The principles of democracy are still thus being followed but an unwise and short sighted referendum (that followed a largely negative and dishonest campaign) vote can be ignored.

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