Want to be rich for a day or a month?

How to experience the sensation of being wealthy.
Most of us complain from time to time that we are having a tough go of it financially in this life. We may occasionally glance at the trappings of wealth displayed by others with a hint of wistful longing. Almost all of us, at some time or other, have remarked that we would like to be rich for a week or so just to see what the experience is like.

The good news is that wealth is relative. If you were a millionaire living in a village entirely populated, apart from yourself, with billionaires you would undoubtedly feel impoverished. The sensation of feeling abundantly wealthy in a material sense derives from comparisons with others. Therefore it is perfectly possible for an ordinary person to temporarily experience a life of relative wealth.

The way to do this is to take a vacation to another country that has a much lower standard of living and a favourable exchange rate for one’s home currency. Quite apart from areas of natural, social and cultural interest such a destination will instantly offer the traveller a personal situation of newfound riches. Goods and services that hitherto were beyond reach are now easily attainable. The visitor can enjoy upmarket accommodation, gourmet restaurants, stunning entertainment and the purchase of luxury goods at bargain rates.
If a little voice in your head cried, “There must be a catch!” you are right. In this land with a much lower standard of living you may find that standards of personal security and safety are much lower than that which you are used to, but not necessarily so. Perhaps the risk of theft or even personal attack is greater in this destination. In any case this would be a valid portion of the experience of being rich. In most nations the wealthy find it necessary to protect their possessions and even their personal safety with more rigorous security than do the rest of us.

Of course, the lucky, or well researched, traveller who finds a low cost destination with little crime risk is much more likely to have a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. However your vacation pans out you will have had the experience of being rich for a day, a week or a month! No longer will you have to exclaim in conversations at dinner parties, “I’d just like to try being rich!”

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