Were Nazi Economics the Real Cause of WW II?




alfred rosenberg

In his “Myth of the Twentieth Century” Alfred Rosenberg stated the essence of Nazi economics. He declared that capital was nothing more than the value of stored labor. In short, the Nazis saw capital as the savings, put away for the future, of the fruits of labor, honestly earned. They did not approve of the capitalistic system of the present world, where the rich get richer (without work) and the poor get poorer (with more and more work). Despite the various crimes of the Third Reich their economic policy was second to none. They achieved a balance between capital and labor that, not only made sense but was also fair. Some elements of the Nazi party, including the Strasser brothers, wanted to outright ban any unearned income, whatsoever, apart from pensions.
Despite being reduced to an economic ruin after WW I, the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression, Hitler’s Germany performed an economic miracle in less than five years. It was the first country in the world to fully emerge from the depression. Economically, it was the envy of most of the world. The world’s bankers (both Jewish and non-Jewish) were not as pleased by Germany’s brilliant progress as it threatened their world of usury and huge, easy profits. If other countries followed in the steps of Germany the banking behemoth would lose much of its ill-gotten wealth and power. The halls of gross capitalism may well have been felled forever. Apart from Hitler’s words in Mein Kampf and those of Rosenberg, there are a number of sources that suggest that a formidable banking and economic group did their best not only to keep WW I going and assist the demise of the Kaiser’s Germany but also to bring about WW II. This group of virtual illuminati wanted at all costs to keep the world’s dollar and borrowing systems going and were behind a worldwide Jewish boycott of Germany’s trade goods early on in the Third Reich.
[Adolph Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=adolf+hitler+the+greatest+story+never+told+part+1%5D Although some parts of this 27 part documentary are not very convincing others make a profound statement and refer to facts that are quite verifiable. This is particularly the case with its assertion that Nazi Germany’s economic miracle may well have been a prime cause of WW II.

In terms of economic fairness and consideration for the environment the defeat of the Nazis has seen no improvement for mankind and the other creatures who inhabit this planet. The GFC of 2008 was a product of the same global economic powers that the National Socialists railed against all those years ago. The greed and shortsightedness of the mega wealthy and powerful has not only caused misery for billions but is also now threatening the very fabric and survival of our world.
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