The Unsung heroes of Public Transport




All of us catch buses and taxis, almost daily, in attempting to get around. However, few of us give any thought to the drivers of those vehicles. Around the world, bus and taxi drivers endure a relatively dangerous job for generally poor wages. Yet those same drivers generally do their utmost to ensure that their passengers arrive safely at their destination with as few delays and frustrations as possible. Undoubtedly, there are some rogue taxi drivers (known in the industry as cowboys) on this planet but the vast majority are reasonably honest and do their best. Likewise, bus drivers do their best to protect their passengers. Not so long ago a school bus driver  in the U.S. was shot dead rather than surrender any children on his bus to a gun toting maniac.

When you next catch public transport spare a thought for the driver who does his best despite the poor remuneration.

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