How to definitively end the world refugee crisis

I think it is a given that most people would prefer to live their lives in their home countries if they had any reasonable prospects of safe, happy and secure lives there. The fact that millions will take any risks to escape tells us one thing. We have to fix the problems in those countries and now! It is impracticable and disastrous if a huge portion of the world’s population feels compelled to travel somewhere else in order to feel safe and some prospects of hope.

The solution is as simple as it is unattainable under the present rulers of the world. World powers from the USA to Russia, Europe and China must agree to act decisively(using force if necessary) against any country that grossly violates the human rights of its people. Syria and North Korea are cases in point. Only by careful removal of disgusting regimes (that happily cause the deaths of huge numbers of even children) can the world progress. Ironically, the Coalition of the Willing under the command of the idiot, George W. Bush, removed Saddam Hussein and the result was only more deaths, more strife and more violation of human rights. The world powers should choose their targets with some wisdom. Notice that nobody has threatened to remove Robert Mugabe (a former terrorist who shot down civilian airliners during Rhodesia’s civil war) from power in Zimbabwe by force. Zimbabwe has no oil or huge resources and is therefore of little interest to the world’s power brokers.

If I continue to speak freely, as I will, I suspect it is only a matter of time until there is a knock on my door!

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One thought on “How to definitively end the world refugee crisis”

  1. Very good! Why anyone would risk life and limb to come to this country beats me! It’s too hot for a start, and it is mainly the foreigners who are friendly and hospitable. Perhaps someone should start some reverse propaganda, the opposite of ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’ to deter the boat people. I’d write an ad, but someone would probably come knocking at my door. Know any boat companies which would take me back to Europe? I can’t swim well, if it is a flimsy old tub! I really do feel persecuted in this horrible country!


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