The Australian federal election of September 2013 – an all time low?

Australian politics has possibly reached an all time low. In a rapidly decaying world people look for inspiration, a measure of altruism and hope from their leaders. Like much of the world Australians are increasingly disappointed and pessimistic. In September the federal election will be held.

On the one hand we have the incumbent labor government, which although it has accomplished some major reforms (the Gonsky education one and the Disability Support program) has simply made too many mistakes to be trusted. Their school building policy, their home insulation policy and their solar panel policy all resulted in massive overcharging by private contractors. Add to that the un-means tested payments to people during the GFC and you have a considerable financial stuff up. It’s only we, the people, who have to pay for it.

On the other hand we have Tony Abott (affectionately known as budgie smuggler or Big Ears) and the Liberals who want to grind down workers’ wages to third world levels, abandon the environment to whatever happens and generally assist the wealthiest, most selfish people to become even more so. As far as they are concerned, if the national balance sheet is soundly in the black and the rich can sail their yachts, all is right with the world. Future planning can take a back seat, the environment can go to hell and the poor can just drop dead.

The third choice is the Greens, probably the least of three evils. The Greens have a sound social and environmental policy but are a little light-headed about fundamental realities. Their progressive policy towards asylum seekers who arrive by boat may well increase the numbers of such arrivals as to burden the total infrastructure of the nation. Even the most of enlightened policies need to be funded and considered against future realities.

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