A fundamental contradiction in the modern world

A large proportion of human charity involves saving the lives of the less fortunate in the poorest part of the world. Much of medical science has worked ceaselessly to cure countless diseases and to prolong life.

At the same time it is clear that there are too many humans on the planet and to wilfully increase the number, especially by prolonging the lives of the elderly and infirm seems almost ludicrous. We as a species are following our best instincts on a micro level to preserve and save lives. Yet on a macro level we are almost certainly dooming our species to extinction. I myself give to charity and I can see the contradiction between helping individuals, groups and entire countries and the impending doom that is hanging over our species. Neither politicians nor scientists seem willing to discuss this patent contradiction in our endeavours. I can foresee a world, in the not too distant future that has become totally intolerant of the infirm and aged and is likely to eliminate those who cannot work.

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Writer and author. Published novel as eBook and print version. - Brownout - a story of life and doom - set in Philippines, Australia and USA. Also published a non fiction work about grief, "Waiting for a Miracle: Life in the Dead Zone" as an eBook and print version. Another non fiction work is, "From Brexit to Brazil via Hong Kong, China, Russia and the USA" available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc. This book is a collection of essays that deal with the most pressing issues of our time, including Covid-19 and its political and social ramifications.

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