30 Aug12 The US Presidential election of 2012

For those who support the election of Mitt Romney and wish more power to the Tea Party and other extreme elements of the Republican Party here is a stark warning.

It was the Republican government of George W. Bush that ran up the massive deficit of trillians in the first place. By fighting at least one unnecessary war (Iraq), along with then VP Dick Cheney’s financial interests in Halliburton, a company which grew rich on post war “reconstruction” contracts the Bush presidency set the stage for the US’s colossal financial disaster. At the same time it vigorously promoted tax cuts for the wealthy, stymied health care reforms along with many other social programs and greatly increased the gap between the rich and the poor. We haven’t even mentioned its sabotage of environmental concerns. The Bush presidency effectively returned the USA, and much of the rest of the world, to the Dark Ages. It could also be argued that the Bush administration did little to head of the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the resulting Global Financial Crisis. It didn’t want to interfere with the process of the seriously rich and the meg rich becoming even richer. No president, not even Barack Obama, could wipe out such a huge deficit and return the country to prosperity in a single term.

Sure, it must be said that governments have to encourage responsible business growth because, if there is no wealth generated then there is nothing to finance even the most noble social and environmental programs on the planet. However, the generation of wealth must be accompanied by a fair and equitable distribution so that society and the planet prosper as a whole. The fiscal conservatives in the US draw a simple dichotomy – either there is the generation of a huge cake with the lion’s share going to a few and crumbs for the others or else there is a cake of ever decreasing size so that everybody ultimately starves. This is dishonesty in the extreme and does all it can to mask the evil of human greed.

Let us hope that the Republicans and the Tea Party loonies don’t gain any further power in the USA. However, I feel that they will given my mistrust of the intelligence and good will of the common man. The Republican Right seems to think that it can return the USA to the “Good Old Days” by abdicating any moral responsibility coupled with a good dose of simple wishful thinking.

If these people win the presidency in the coming election not only will the US suffer massive social crisis and upheaval but also the whole world will move closer to armageddon. I would suggest that intending Republican voters who are of a Christian persuasion closely read the Book of Revelation of St. John since its apocalyptic predicitions are likely to become closer to reality in short space of time.

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