Dangerous Duo – Glory Boy and Captain “Strong”

Dangerous Duo – Glory Boy and Captain  “Strong”


Tony Abbott                                                                                     Campbell Newman

In this, the third part of our trilogy we shall look at the personas of Oz’s Prime Minister and Queensland’s Premier. Both the glory boy, Tony Abbott and Captain “Strong,” Campbell Newman are as thick as thieves in their respective positions as leaders of the looney Right. They are united in their horrid attacks on a fair society, the environment and common sense. They are also as one in their use of simplistic slogans that mask specious and stupid policies.

Firstly we shall look at the recent political career of Glory Boy. Even while Opposition leader Tony Abbott loved to front the cameras in active poses. He is a member of the Bush Fire Brigade and allegedly went to help during a bush fire crisis a couple of years ago. While he was posing for the cameras it was noticeable that his uniform was spotless and without any soot marks while those of the other fire fighters were black and bedraggled. One can make one’s own assumptions.

When the Malaysian flight MH 370 disappeared, some five months after he became PM, Glory Boy spent up to AUD 100 million of taxpayer money taking charge of the search and the lion’s share of the cost, although fewer than ten of the passengers were Australians. Nightly our glory boy appeared on television screens espousing confidence that the doomed plane would soon be found. After a significant amount of airtime of his beaming face and millions of dollars it has become obvious that this aircraft will not be found anytime soon, if ever.

He also used the shooting down of MH 17 as a golden opportunity to big note himself and his government. In all fairness however, there were more Australians on this flight and the recovery did manage to achieve results, under difficult conditions. The next image building opportunity the dangerous Abbott seized upon was a desperate willingness to send Australian troops to fight ISIS in Iraq. This was an open-ended commitment and Glory Boy made it well before either the USA or Iraq even asked for Oz’s assistance.

Disasters and wars seem to appeal to his self-image. In contrast the Oz government dragged its feet in the face of the Ebola crisis. The UN and other nations had to virtually shame it before any serious effort and expense was made to assist the fight against Ebola. Ebola simply isn’t sexy and image promoting. After supporting Abbott on doing virtually nothing for this fight in the beginning, the Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, had the temerity and hypocrisy at the UN to accuse other nations of not doing enough.

The last word on the first of the dangerous duo is best expressed by the short video of John Oliver, the American comedian. As well as being extremely humorous this video is right on the money.


Now it is time to turn our attention to the second member of the dangerous duo, Campbell Newman or Captain “Strong.” Apart from his arrogant and stupid attacks on the environment, the health system, state owned assets (that he wants to sell) penalty rates for weekend work that are needed by many lower paid workers just to survive, Captain “Strong,” in the lead up to his snap election, refused to discuss any of his vapid and stupid policies or questions related to his own integrity or lack thereof. Newman continually retreated behind his wall of slogans (there are only two – Strong Choices and a strong Queensland). “Strong choices” is a euphemism for selling off state assets as a short sighted attempt at reducing some debt while raising more to back his own horrible aims (the rail line to support the coal port and coal mine). A strong Queensland refers to the drastic reduction of civil rights and liberties supposedly to crack down on bikies and other criminal gangs. Statistics, however, show that any related crime figures had been consistently falling before Captain “Strong’s” government came to power and started introducing draconian measures without justification.

A strong Queensland presumably means strength, wealth and power for those greedy and corrupt entities that would destroy the environment, any semblance of a just society and the health system. Newman has continually and publicly picked fights with doctors, teachers and other professionals. Unable to back up his deluded and arrogant policies with any logic he and his “strong” cronies have simply resorted to bare faced lying and using their massive available money to run countless advertisements in the mass media aimed at tricking the unthinking and the abjectly stupid. He has also changed the electoral requirements and operation of the electoral system sufficiently to effectively disenfranchise many voters, myself included. His government somehow managed to work out the demographics of people likely to vote against it and did its absolute best to stop those people from voting. The polls have just closed in the Queensland election. All we can do now is wait and pray!


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