Cambell Newman’s honesty continually called into question.

John Spencer

Cambell Newman’s honesty continually called into question.


Campbell Newman’s list of enemies gets larger by the day. Recently, the prominent radio personality, Alan Jones has accused the QLD premier of direct lying and duplicity. Like his PM buddy, Tony Abbott, Campbell Newman is no stranger to the gross manipulation of the truth. Telling porkies seems to be an almost obligatory part of the political game. Of course, some politicians are more extreme in their addiction to lying than others.

Campbell Newman’s lack of commitment to honesty and ethical behaviour first surfaced in a major way more than three years ago when he was still Lord Mayor of Brisbane. There was a rezoning application before council that stood to directly benefit the family of Newman’s wife, as they had considerable land holdings in the area in question. If Campbell Newman was honest and ethical he would have simply declared a conflict of interest and personally abstained from the vote. Not too difficult a thing to do. However, Mr. Newman did NOT abstain from the vote. The land was rezoned and his wife’s family made millions. He excused his shoddy behaviour by saying that it was not his family that owned the land; it was his wife’s family and therefore that was all right!

Make up your own mind. Is this the kind of person you trust to lead the state? Do you really believe that he will help to create jobs, assist the poor and benefit the wider community or do you think he’ll trample all over us to benefit himself and his friends amongst the mega rich, while destroying the environment and our society?

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