Newman government in QLD sacrifices road safety in pursuit of Revenue collection

For well over 18 months the Newman government has instructed the Queensland Police to book all motorists, without exception, for the most trivial and insignificant traffic offenses. No cautions or warnings were to be issued. This policy of putting revenue collection ahead of anything else is actually dangerous for road safety. The police have even been ordered to target public bus drivers. About half of the drivers at the bus company where I work as a casual have received tickets. I received one for not stopping at a red light. The yellow was very brief and I chose not to slam on the brakes for fear of causing passenger injury. Other drivers have had tickets issued under the same circumstances.

Needless to say the next time I was faced with a sudden red light in the bus I did slam on the brakes (I only had one passenger who was seated). The road was wet and the bus went into a short skid but an uneventful one, fortunately. This is just one example of the Newman government’s hunger for money trumping road safety. The km/hr tolerance over the speed limit was reduced from 10 kph to 3 or 4 kph. Since a driver cannot constantly stare at the speedo and look where he or she is going, the problem is obvious. It is impractical to suggest that buses continually drive 10 kph less than the speed limit as this would cause timetables to go into a complete tail spin.

For the sake of road safety as well as a host of other reasons Queensland voters should put the LNP last at the upcoming state election. 

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