Queensland Election called; early

Campbell NewmanOne of the looney right, Campbell Newman, has called an election for Queensland on 31st January in the hope of catching the voters in holiday mode, away or napping. Admittedly his party has a huge majority but they are on the nose as is the federal Abbott government.

While constantly squawking about how much debt the state has, Newman had the audacity to offer a free railway line (paid for by taxpayers) to Adani, the dodgy company that wants to build a huge coal mine and a gigantic coal port on the barrier reef. This gift of a railway line was to connect the mine and the port and hasten the destruction of the Reef. It beggars belief that a government would knowingly risk a huge money spinner such as the reef, quite apart from its environmental status as a natural wonder of the world, to produce coal that nobody will buy at any reasonable price. There just has to be the smell of corruption around because nobody could be that stupid. Newman and Abbott are partners in crime. We have the chance to get rid of Newman now and then Abbott some time later!

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