The Looney Right in Oz is outdoing itself in stupidity and madness

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Everyone understands about the looney politicians who are hell bent on destroying our world, or any semblance of decency in it. The looney left believe that money that doesn’t exist can be spent and the looney right believe in the trickle down effect; ie if you make the billionaires even richer eventually that money will reach the poor! In current Oz there is little danger, if any, from the looney left. However the looney right are totally out of control. They are trying, and so far succeeding, in destroying just about every positive value in our country, environment and society. They are also destroying the economy.

Under the guise of attempting to reduce the national deficit, exaggerated and partially increased by their own making, they are hell bent on destroying the environment and the poor and disadvantaged. On a national level, Budgie Smuggler (Prime Minister Tony Abbott) is massively helping the mega rich to become richer still without regard to any common sense. In cahoots with Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland, the federal minister of the ‘non’ environment, Greg Hunt, is determined to push ahead in establishing the world’s largest coal port and largest coal mine. Never mind that the construction and operation of these are quite likely to destroy the Barrier Reef (and its millions of tourist dollars and jobs). They have to help their overseas capitalist friends. In this case it is Adani, an Indian company with a dodgy track record. Likewise, despite record unemployment they are only too happy to allow Gina Reinhardt (is probably worse than Rose Lucson/Hancock/Porteous) to import large numbers of foreign workers on 457 visas who will be paid substantially lower than Australian workers. This fits in nicely with their aim to reduce workers’ wages drastically in line with their aim to absolutely cement Australia as a Third World country.

The Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman (a multi-millionaire with questionable principles about honesty), has savagely attacked the poorest and most vulnerable people in the nation on the grounds of reducing a deficit. However, he recently announced that the tax payers of Queensland would fund a rail line between this new coal port and the new coal harbour next to the barrier reef. While claiming to improve things he has done nothing to lesson corruption or inefficiency in the state (probably the most corrupt in the nation). Queensland Health, long a problem area, remains so. Nothing has been done to fix it. Relying on the stupidity of the state’s voters, Newman is running ads on TV and radio (at tax payers expense) on how they have eliminated waiting lists in the health system (“until after the state election due next March”).

Scott Morrison, previously the Minister for Immigration (sinking or stopping boat refugees) has now been placed in charge of destroying the poor and unemployed (Minister for Unemployment?). At a time of record unemployment, he is tasked with “destroying” those who can’t work. Soon retirees, as well as smokers, will be targeted by the Australian government’s “death squads.”

TheY are probably the only morons on earth who believe that by destroying renewable energy and the environment and promoting coal (that nobody will buy at any worthwile price) money will actually be made. The rest of the world (including a number of third world countries) are moving forward while these cretins are dragging our nation backward. What do they expect to get personally from this, aside from beating Stalin and Mao in cruelty and crazy ideas? (Probably they see large amounts of money directed their way!) The recent free trade agreements with China and India may in some ways help those nations but it will be at the cost of Oz. The situation has reached the point where the Governor General should sack the government or the Chief of Military should consider a temporary coup (until fresh elections can be run). These morons should be tried for treason!

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