Abbott squibs on fight against Ebola

The Abbott govt. has just about written a blank cheque for the war against ISIS or ISIL (Islamic State) but has only given a puny 2 million dollars towards the fight against Ebola, despite the fact that a potential Ebola pandemic is a much more serious threat to the world. The reasons behind this are simple. The war against ISIL, like the search for MH 370 and the investigation of the downing of MH 17 appear glorious activities and distract large numbers of people from the Abbott govt.’s ongoing efforts to ruin Australia and turn it into a complete third world country. The fight against Ebola is less sexy and unlikely to have the political benefit of distracting the population.

One just has to remember the photos of Tony Abbott, when he was opposition leader, in his pristine firefighter’s uniform which didn’t have a single smudge of soot on it. Fake glory and photo ops seem to be his rule of thumb.

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